Simone Chickenbone™ Natural Put-Ons™
for Your Skin (But Without Chickenpoop!)


Simone Chickenbone™ Natural Put-Ons™ are crafted from the kind of earth-friendly ingredients you want to put on your skin. Their raw zaniness inspires the kind of grin you love to put on your face.

So be healthy. Be happy. Smile proudly and tell your friends you’ve got Chicken Poop™ on your lips!

At Simone Chickenbone, all of our health-and-beauty creations are made from all-natural ingredients you will recognize. We seek to make only the best, high-quality products, while also being environmentally responsible with our packaging, our business practices and in our own lifestyles.

Our Natural Put-Ons™ are also imbued with humor. At Simone Chickenbone, we love to laugh, and think of laughter as a special ingredient in all that we do.

None of our products are tested on animals!

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